How to Transform Leadership Practices and Corporate Culture from Change-Averse, to Promoters of the Agile Transformation

AGILITY: A property of an organization to sense and respond to market changes and continuously deliver value to customers.

LEADERS: “We are Agile in both strategy and execution” and “culture is definitely an asset to achieving agility.”

LAGGARDS: “We are not Agile in both strategy and execution” and “culture is…

How to Reinvent Innovation with Vertical Prototyping

Vertical prototyping moves into prototype action from a place of connection to the deeper intention we are holding. It is about seeding and inviting a different quality of relationships in a particular eco-system of collaborators to bring into being a living microcosm of the future that wants to be born.

Surfing the Complexity Wave

How to choose the right tools for a successful Agile transformation

This is the second article of a series dealing with achieving successful Business Agility transformations. Read the first one here: Slow Agile: Removing the Obstacles from Agile Transformations.

Business Agility in a Nutshell

In a complex, disruptive environment, like the one we currently experience globally, organizations either adopt Business Agility as a way of operating…

How to Turn Disruption Into Opportunity With Presencing

Read the article in Spanish here

Presencing is a word not known by the general public, except for relatively few people who are practitioners of complexity theory, systems thinking, systems change, neurosciences, and Theory U. Nevertheless,

for the purpose of transforming today’s disruptions into opportunities, Presencing is probably the most…

How to lead your organization into true Business Agility

This is a revised and expanded version of the second part of the article published in the Field of the Future Blog of the Presencing Institute. Read it here.

Today, the main requirement for individuals, teams, and organizations, is to Sense and Actualize their best path to success under the…

It all began with surfing the Gaia Wave…

Theory U allows the organization to use Corporate Culture as the driver of Business Processes change, resulting in less time and cost invested, and facilitating the constitution of self-organizing teams. When I had that insight, the word Slow Agile began sounding in my ears. HB

This Is the Moment I Was Born For!

I am a Theory U…

This is the second article of a series covering the unfolding journey of the “Slow Agile” project, from the initial idea to the current stage — Core Team Formation. Read the first article here.

“COVID-19 has given us the license to be innovative and bold, to aim high, and to…

(1) The Theory U Process Arrow. Image: Presencing Institute. The Agile /Scrum Logo

Be courageous, be bold! Otto Scharmer

This is the first of a series of articles covering the birth and evolution of the u.lab 2X project, Agile U /Slow Agile.

The Seed of the Future

Everything began with a bold vision, an invitation, and a rejection. A dear friend of mine invited me to a Master…

The most significant decade is not the one we left behind, it is what is ahead of us. We live in a difficult time, it is not going to be easy, you know that. Yet, this is the moment we have been born for, and we have been preparing for…

To have a clear perspective of the year 2020, we must turn the camera back to us, because what happened in the year is not what matters, the important thing is what we did, do, and will do with what happened to us.

A world is dying…

When Lord Maynard Keynes expressed the advantages…

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