Let’s Follow the Path of Love

Image: Superchild. This photo was taken by me on the 24th of April 2017, during a peace rally in Caracas, five days after the government turned a massive protest into a bloodbath.

“‘If not us, who? And if not now, when?’ ‘We are the ones we’ve been waiting for’”. Let´s follow the Path of Love. Hillel the Elder. Wisdom Weavers of the World

The Path of Fear

This post is about Love, not fear. Nevertheless, just like when we understand the nature of light by knowing what darkness is, if we want to have a better understanding of love, it is useful to know how deep we, as human beings, have caved ourselves in into the “rabbit hole” of fear because that emotion can be deceiving.

The path of fear is so easy to take because it is paved with negative emotions. Negative emotions are wired in the biology of “Homo Sapiens” to protect him from saber tooth tigers and the neighboring tribe of ferocious warriors. Hundreds of thousands of years later, those emotions remain alive and well, commanding our individual and collective lives.

The path of fear manifests in shame and guilt when we live in the past, or anxiety for the unknown when we live in the future. Those emotions don’t exist in the present moment. Similarly, fear can present itself as a “good” opportunity that you take for the sake of material interest, only to find yourself later stuck in a meaningless job or a toxic relationship. Moreover, the majority of organizations that rule our societies and businesses today, have siloed structures and command and control leadership practices that belong to an ego-system awareness era, which is sourced on power and fear.

We also take the path of fear when well-intentioned leaders, confronted by the present-day disruptions, instead of having the courage to innovate, make “safe” decisions based on solutions that proved to be successful in the past but in today’s complex environment, they complicate things even more.

Most people believe that the future is technologically based. While this may be true; I think it might be technologically BIASED. On one hand, we see technology advancing at break-neck speed in every aspect of human endeavor. On the other, humanity’s values and consciousness levels appear to fall back as time goes by. With this in mind, let’s think for a moment on the result of mixing the latest technology, biased or not, with a leadership very prone to be triggered by their negative emotions, and other petty fear-based feelings and beliefs, like power, greed, violence, discrimination, race supremacy, materialism, nationalism, fanaticism, extremism, and the likes.

Do you get a feeling of where humanity is heading, by following the path of fear? But as I said earlier, this post is about Love! So, allow me to close the arguments against fear with this quote of Yoda in “The Phantom Menace”,

“Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.”

Accordingly, we, as human species have two options: one is to continue on that path, with unthinkable consequences for the environment, for business, and society, the other is to take a different route, one that is paved on eco-system awareness. The path of Love.

The Path of Love

We follow the path of love by:

Being true to our intention.

My only intention for the new year is to follow the path of love in everything that I do.

Being present in every moment of our lives.

There are two reasons for being present: the past has gone away, leaving its experiences to us, while the future, which is full of surprises, is yet to come. So, all we are left with is the present moment, where we can integrate our past experiences with our intention, to catalyze the future that wants to emerge through us, right here, right now.

Seeing and sensing every place that we are in at a given moment.

Even when sometimes we seem to be at the wrong place, at the right time, if we look well, in every place there is something that we can admire, savor, feel, and appreciate. Do the best you can where you are at the present moment because you are not a victim, you are there for a reason. Act on it!

Doing what we love.

It is by doing what we love that our job becomes a pleasure, not a duty. When we are doing what we love we lose the sense of time, and our passion pulls us in the direction of unsuspected achievements, allowing us to leave a legacy to the world. Even if we don’t like what we do at the moment, by changing our attitude, we will create the opportunities for change that we are looking for.

Being vulnerable.

We find love in our lives by relating with other people. Hence, we are being called to listen empathically to every person whom we meet to see them and sense their resonance. Yet, by doing so, we are taking a two-way path called vulnerability because as you see, you are being seen, and as you sense, your resonance is being sensed too.

Being inspired.

By seeing people as they are, and by sensing their resonance, we allow ourselves to meet people who inspire us. Similarly, people will come to us because we somehow inspire them. As a result, they appreciate us for who we are, not for what we have, or for what we do. As a consequence, we become catalyzers in the creation of a virtuous circle where everyone improves to be better, personally and professionally, since inspiration is the key to creativity and the spark that ignites the growth of the world.

Shifting our attention to perceive opportunities

Following the path of love allows us to shift our attention in such a way, that we are able to perceive adversities as opportunities instead of obstacles. In time, we will develop the patience and perseverance to appreciate life fully in the present moment, to be inspired, to rely on our own abilities, and on the people who love us, giving us the chance to do what we love, and allowing us to achieve our dreams despite the adversities.

Developing faith in a higher power

The path of love is where we develop faith in a higher power whom some of us call God, who weaves our paths into the giant web of life so that we integrate ourselves with everyone else into the purpose of the Whole.

Becoming a key element in the creation of a better world

By following the path of love, we will be in the right place at the right moment to fulfill our role within the complex operating mechanism of the universe, making us aware that our tiny grain of sand is key to creating a better world for all.

“‘If not us, who? And if not now, when?’ ‘We are the ones we’ve been waiting for’”. Let´s follow de Path of Love. Hillel the Elder. Wisdom Weavers of the World

So, my friends, let’s march together towards our best possible future by following the Path of Love.


If you want to know more about how to follow The Path of Love, please contact me at helio.borges.consulting@gmail.com



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