Transforming a Society Against all Odds

Small Sample Of Change Makers Stories

Maryuri Ruiz and her team, Vicente Paez, and Raixa Rivero. Photos: @hborgespics

Proyecto Hikola

The Societal Transformation Lab. Expanding Our Scope While Living The Disruption.

u.lab-S. Co-Initiation. Image: “Intention”. Olaf Baldini, Presencing Institute

January. Co-Initiating

Global map and screenshot of participants
Proyecto Hikola’s Intention word cloud

The Disruption

February. Co-Sensing

Societal Transformation Lab, u.lab-S. Image: “Our Collective Fingerprint”, Kelvy Bird, Presencing Institute.
The Venezuelan Team
u.lab-S. Co-Sensing. Image: “Reinventing The 21 Century”. Olaf Baldini. Presencing Institute.
3D Mapping

The Disruption

March. Co-Inspiring

u.lab-S Image: “Listen Deeply”. Olaf Baldini, Presencing Institute

Exploring The System From the Inside… The Hard Way

The Disruption.

Caracas at dusk during the blackout. Photo: @hborgespics

Nevertheless, We Managed To…

Current Reality Movie experience.

Letting Our Work Be Known.

April. Co-Creating

4D Mapping. Making Sense o Chaos

u.lab-S Image: “Presencing”, Olaf Baldini, Presencing Institute.
SPT experience “Escucha a Venezuela” (Listen to Venezuela). Venue: Espacios Mil

The Disruption.

May. Co-Shaping

u.lab-S. Image: “Prototyping” Olaf Baldini, Presencing Institute.

A Journey To The Field of The Future.

A Journey to the future surrounded by nature. Venue: Marietta’s home.


The Hikola Village

Ist Cohort Proyecto Hikola. Photo: @hborgespics

The Road Ahead

Turning Weaknesses Into Strengths

“Our goal as the Híkola Village (breath of life in the Yanomami language) has been to build comprehensive visions of our political — social reality and our emotions as a country, analyze them and develop really innovative and comprehensive diagnoses that allow us to generate our own collective plans focused on our human development. For this we have worked on our consolidation — linking as a team, moving from co-detection to co-evolution with a clear vision, open heart and open will and understanding of our own role in a village of which we are part, through our personal and collective journeys”.



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Helio Borges

Helio Borges


Executive & Team Coach & Mentor. Cultural Transformation Change Agent & Consultant. Twitter: @hborgesg. Instagram: @heboga. FB: helio.borges.35. Uriji: @hborges