How to Reinvent Innovation with Vertical Prototyping

Crystallizing and Prototyping session of ulab2x. Image: Olaf Baldini, Presencing Institute

Surfing the Complexity Wave

In December 2014, Otto Scharmer was teaching a graduate course to 90 students at the Sloan School of Management of MIT — u.lab: Leading From the Emerging Future. During that trimester he reluctantly turned it into a MOOC on the EDX online platform, which the Presidents of Harvard and MIT…

How to Turn Disruption Into Opportunity With Presencing

Presencing. Image Olaf Baldini, Presencing Institute

Read the article in Spanish here

Presencing is a word not known by the general public, except for relatively few people who are practitioners of complexity theory, systems thinking, systems change, neurosciences, and Theory U. Nevertheless,

Turning Ordinary Citizens Into World-Class Changemakers

Otto Scharmer, and his amazing team of collaborators at the Presencing Institute, are marching into The Decade of…

How to lead your organization into true Business Agility

Fig. 1. Iceberg Model of Awareness Based Systems Change. Image: Presencing Institute

This is a revised and expanded version of the second part of the article published in the Field of the Future Blog of the Presencing Institute. Read it here.

It all began with surfing the Gaia Wave…

Fig. 1. The GAIA Journey Arch. Image: Rachel Hentsch Spadafora, Presencing Institute

This Is the Moment I Was Born For!

I am a Theory U change-maker and capacity builder who lives in Caracas, Venezuela, a country that had been suffering a Complex Humanitarian Emergency years before the COVID-19 crisis began. On 02/20/2020, the Venezuelan Theory U team, of which I am part, was attending the kick-off session of the Presencing Institute’s u.lab.2X, where Otto Scharmer…

The Slow Agile path to Systems Leadership. Image:

This is the second article of a series covering the unfolding journey of the “Slow Agile” project, from the initial idea to the current stage — Core Team Formation. Read the first article here.

(1) The Theory U Process Arrow. Image: Presencing Institute. The Agile /Scrum Logo

This is the first of a series of articles covering the birth and evolution of the u.lab 2X project, Agile U /Slow Agile.

The Seed of the Future

Everything began with a bold vision, an invitation, and a rejection. A dear friend of mine invited me to a Master Class in Scrum Management, which I attended for two reasons. The first being that in 2015 she invited me to take part in a brand new systems change course coming from MIT — u.lab: Leading From the Emerging Future, which I attended, and since then, my life has turned around…

15 years of Awareness-Based Systems Change. Image: Kelvy Bird, Presencing Institute

This is not an ordinary article, this is a Master Class in Systems…

Photo: unknown

A world is dying…

When Lord Maynard Keynes expressed the advantages of short-term financial speculation, he said “In the long term, we are all dead”. In past times, when big disruptions hit humanity, they were either located in specific geographical areas of the world or separated by several decades, consequently, the new generations were not aware of their long-term effects. …

Prototyping. Image: Presencing Institute

This is the second part of Prototyping, the fifth movement of the U Process. Read the first part, Theory U, Prototyping; Integrating your Past, Present, and Emerging Future. You can also read the article in Spanish, here


Having established a connection to the source (presencing) and having clarified a sense of the future that wants to emerge (crystallizing), the next stage in the U process is to explore the future by doing (prototyping). Prototyping is the first step in exploring the…

Otto Scharmer. Prototyping Principles.

Six Prototyping Principles

I listened carefully when Otto Scharmer explained the 6 Prototyping Principles in the third live session of “u.lab. Leading From the Emerging Future” 2016, which was about the right side of the U — Crystallizing and Prototyping.

  1. Crystallize Vision and Intention. You have to be aware of your connection to Source and lean into what is beginning to emerge from that connection. “Staying…

Helio Borges

Transformational Coach. Theory U Changemaker and Facilitator. Speaker. Twitter: @hborgesg. Instagram: @heboga. FB: helio.borges.35. Uriji: @hborges

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