There Is the Path of Fear and the Path of Love. Which One Will You Follow?

Image: Superchild. This photo was taken by me on the 24th of April 2017, during a peace rally in Caracas, five days after the government turned a .

“‘If not us, who? And if not now, when?’ ‘We are the ones we’ve been waiting for’”. Let´s follow the Path of Love. Hillel the Elder.

The Path of Fear

This post is about Love, not fear. Nevertheless, just like when we understand the nature of light by knowing…

How to Turn Stumbling Blocks Into Stepping Stones for the Agile Transformation

Image: @kennethkwok

This is the third part of a series exploring the transition of organizations that are going through the process of Business Agility transformations. You can read the second part here, .

Agile-based approaches have been used successfully at changing Business Processes, which are complicated…

How to choose the right tools for a successful Agile transformation

This is the second article of a series dealing with achieving successful Business Agility transformations. Read the first one here: .

Image: Groupe SBC

Business Agility in a Nutshell

In a complex, disruptive environment, like the one we currently experience globally, organizations either adopt Business Agility as a way of operating…

How to avoid being part of the high failure rate in Agile transformations

Fig 1 Slow Agile Mandorla

This is the first of a series of articles exploring the perils and rewards of Business Agility transformations.

AGILITY: A property of an organization to sense and respond to market changes and continuously deliver value to customers.

LEADERS: “We are Agile in both strategy and execution” and “culture is definitely…

How to Reinvent Innovation with Vertical Prototyping

Crystallizing and Prototyping session of ulab2x. Image: Olaf Baldini, Presencing Institute

Vertical prototyping moves into prototype action from a place of connection to the deeper intention we are holding. It is about seeding and inviting a different quality of relationships in a particular eco-system of collaborators to bring into being a living microcosm of the future that wants to be born.

Surfing the Complexity Wave

How to Turn Disruption Into Opportunity With Presencing

Presencing. Image Olaf Baldini, Presencing Institute

Read the article in Spanish

Presencing is a word not known by the general public, except for relatively few people who are practitioners of complexity theory, systems thinking, systems change, neurosciences, and Theory U. Nevertheless,

for the purpose of transforming today’s disruptions into opportunities, Presencing is probably the most…

How to lead your organization into true Business Agility

Fig. 1. Iceberg Model of Awareness Based Systems Change. Image: Presencing Institute

This is a revised and expanded version of the second part of the article published in the of the Presencing Institute. Read it .

Today, the main requirement for individuals, teams, and organizations, is to Sense and Actualize their best path to success under the…

It all began with surfing the Gaia Wave…

Fig. 1. The GAIA Journey Arch. Image: Rachel Hentsch Spadafora, Presencing Institute

Theory U allows the organization to use Corporate Culture as the driver of Business Processes change, resulting in less time and cost invested, and facilitating the constitution of self-organizing teams. When I had that insight, the word Slow Agile began sounding in my ears. HB

This Is the Moment I Was Born For!

I am a Theory U…

Helio Borges

Executive & Team Coach & Mentor. Cultural Transformation Change Agent & Consultant. Twitter: @hborgesg. Instagram: @heboga. FB: helio.borges.35. Uriji: @hborges

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